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The NORY Westchester Enrichment Experience

NORY Westchester is a leader in STEAM education, providing after school enrichment, summer and school break camps, educational learning pods, birthday parties, and virtual programming. Our signature programs include Robots & Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, and Empathy for children K through 5th Grade. We place an equal emphasis on teaching children the following three core soft-skills: resilience, inquisitiveness, and empathy. These are the fundamental skills necessary to thrive in our ever-changing world.

All NORY Westchester programs for kids take the project-based, experiential learning approach to develop these core soft-skills. 

3-4 year olds


From Robot Making to Chemistry Lab, NORY's renowned STEAM program give children a lens of inquisitiveness and creativity on a path to become a purposeful changemaker.


The World's Coolest Lemonade Stand Project is a state-wide campaign raising awareness about the value of learning entrepreneurship skills at a young age. The project was initiated by a group of entrepreneurs and early childhood educators who believe that providing young children with the tools and resources to learn these skills will help create the next generation of purpose-driven changemakers.

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